Knowledge and experience

We are experts in electronic trading because we have the experience of designing, building and successfully launching platforms into the financial markets.

With both technical and business knowledge of electronic trading and the associated regulations affecting the financial markets, we can help you understand areas of change and the opportunities they bring.

​Our aim is to bring clarity through consultancy: to find the relevant information amongst this increasing complex landscape, to help build your strategy for electronic trading in both the OTC and exchange traded space.

Our experience includes the design, delivery and launch of:

  • electronic pricing and trading platforms to both the institutional and retail markets
  • on-demand performance management systems including Transaction Cost Analysis
  • algorithmic trading, supervision and surveillance platforms
  • regulatory change programmes for Investment Firms and Trading Venues

We share our knowledge based on experience and an understanding of the industry’s best practice.

We are Sycamore Financial Technology


The Consequences of Owning Algos under MiFID II …and what can we do about it

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Best Execution Reports – Not as simple as you think!

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Market data in the Post-MIFID II Environment

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We can help you to understand the areas of change within the financial markets
and the opportunities they bring.