We can help you assess the market impact in a changing environment

Sycamore Financial Technology considers the total life-cycle and ecosystem of electronic platforms in the financial markets.

We advise our customers on all aspects of their electronic platforms from initial market impact assessment and business justification through to leading the implementation and successful launch.

Launching a platform is only the start and it is important to ensure that it remains relevant and continues to deliver against the original and evolving business goals. Sycamore Financial Technology can help you assess the market impact of your platform in the changing environment, whether brought about by business or regulatory change, and optimise when appropriate.

​Complexity lies not only in the technology that enables electronic trading but also the data, risk management, administration and operational controls that supports this increasingly important channel to market.

​Regulation like Dodd-Frank and MiFID/MiFIR II continue to add further complexity on top of these dimensions, with demands for new market structures such as SEFs and OTFs, transparency/reporting and business performance monitoring.


The Consequences of Owning Algos under MiFID II …and what can we do about it

May 17th 2017|0 Comments

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Best Execution Reports – Not as simple as you think!

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Market data in the Post-MIFID II Environment

March 1st 2017|0 Comments

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Comply and Compete

January 17th 2017|0 Comments

Reality is a little more complex and certainly more nuanced, particularly when the new regulation is as complex and far reaching as MiFID II. The new challenge for market participants is how to comply...


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