Your e-Platform approach

Delivering an electronic platform needs to be carefully orchestrated across your business and technical teams.

Software development and testing represents an important cornerstone of any electronic platform roll out but is only a part of a much wider program that involves sales, marketing, support, business operations, technical operations and more.

Sycamore Financial Technology has the experience and the skill to successfully deliver these programmes and can work with your firm to ensure the best possible impact at launch.


The Consequences of Owning Algos under MiFID II …and what can we do about it

May 17th 2017|0 Comments

As many firms get to grips with the MiFID II/MiFIR rules, some are realising that the burden of “owning” an algorithm...

Best Execution Reports – Not as simple as you think!

March 6th 2017|0 Comments

While the principal of Best Execution has been around since MiFID I came into effect in November 2007, it seems the Financial Industry took some time to pay heed to...

Market data in the Post-MIFID II Environment

March 1st 2017|0 Comments

As many of the industry stakeholders get to grips with understanding the demands of MiFID II/MiFIR, there is now a realisation of how the market will be affected. The more...


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