Understanding the new environment

Business models are rapidly changing as the business environment moves into the digital era and, more importantly, regulation continues to clamp down on traditional practices.

So understanding how to address the new environment must be based on a solid appreciation of your client needs and the business environment they operate in.

Sycamore Financial Technology can help you decide your e-Platform approach through market sizing, client surveys and competitive analysis to help you build an evidence driven view of your target e-business. This is essential data for building your business case and justification.

Sycamore Financial Technology can also help you select the right technology platform to support your business plan. We can build a complete picture of the resources and costs of delivering and supporting the platform from both a technology and organisational perspective.


The Consequences of Owning Algos under MiFID II …and what can we do about it

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Best Execution Reports – Not as simple as you think!

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Market data in the Post-MIFID II Environment

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